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"I have lived all these years and know that you only get so many chances

to get life right.  In the end, there is no "right" there is only "the trying".


Current Project
Excerpt from Train's Comin' - Our Journey with Post Traumatic Stress

       VI.  "One and One Don't Always Make Two"


     As a wife there was no way I could look at this gentle man and believe that he committed mayhem.  But, in two years of marriage, I saw the remnants of the training and the skill set that kept him and others alive. There is nothing glamorous about war. It is survival at its most barbaric.  It's not pretty, not heroic, not any of the self-serving, chest thumping, feel good, patriotic bullshit we see in films or in the military commercials and infomercials slated to capture our youth of today and assuage any mother's apprehension.  War is horrible, exhilarating, tragic and necessary.  No matter how we spin it or its spun to me, someone killed or was killed.  And no one comes back the same.

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