The Interview, Part 2

Every relationship has an “aha” moment, a pivotal moment, the type of moment that can crush you or move you on to the next level. For my Marine and I, it was April, 2008. As a PTSD wife, no one tells you how deep the trauma flows in your veteran. No one tells you how deep your veteran’s trauma flows in you. #ptsd #write #jounral #stressors #April #depression #combatveteranissues #life @ptsd.awareness @aptsda @ptsdquotes The link:


SELF CARE. That day you realize your post-traumatic stress syndrome veteran has recovered and you are struggling. As the wife of a PTSD veteran, one of my concerns is that I might have or develop symptoms. The other evening, I stopped at the local Food Lion to pick up cat food for the raccoon family we feed at Evansridge. Yes, we feed a mama raccoon and her babies and that is another story....It didn’t occur to me that the full parking lot were all my fellow neighbors getti

Systemic Racism - My Veteran's Perspective

On the eve of Martin Luther King Day when most of us are just happy to have a three day break from work, many of us are looking back at a man’s legacy of non-violence in the face of racism and wonder how did we end up back in 1955? On the 16th of November, after the election, I was fixing breakfast for Chester and I. Our nights had been sleepless and our days full of NPR and cable news reporting the various reactions to the election. I had been crying on and off for days.

The Price - My Veterans Day Tribute to My Dad

Excerpt from: Train’s Coming: Our Struggle with PTSD Chapter IV. “I Don’t Have PTSD, PTSD Has Me…” I knew nothing about Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. “PTSD”. I didn't know about Vietnam when as a third grader, my father, a Navy sailor on the USS Bonn Homme Richard CV-31 wrote to my mom about their deployment to the Indian Ocean and to what we would later learn was in Tonkin Bay in the early 1960's when the public hardly knew that Vietnam existed. Mom's letters from h

The Documentary

There was no way we were not going to watch it. I posted the date of the premier on my calendar so I would remember to set the DVR. The guys in my husband’s veteran’s group had been discussing the airing of the Vietnam documentary by Ken Burns and Kim Novick for weeks. His veterans group is made up of a WWII and Korean War veteran, Vietnam veterans, and a couple of veterans from the Desert Storm campaign. In advance of Sunday’s airing, I made a mental checklist to gauge h

Mea Culpa

It was supposed to be a holiday of healing. Healing from the election results a few weeks before. Healing from the shock of a nation's decision. It was suppose to be a pause. A pause to take a deep breath, re-adjust our perspective and expectations. That had been the plan. I'd made reservations fully intending to be celebrating the 1st woman President. I'd made reservations knowing the New Year would be significant changes to our lives with the opening of Chester's ju