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Elizabeth Torres Evans

Train's Comin' - Our Journey with Post Traumatic Stress.

Elizabeth's memoir of life with a PTSD veteran provides us with a hard look into what one wife copes with long after the chapter has closed on her husband's active duty life. Navigating a new marriage, her veteran's depression, a new home on the opposite coast, and a new life, we see how a chance meeting late one night at a gas station brought two emotionally scarred people together and put them on a path to healing.  We follow Elizabeth's missteps, the revelations, the joys, and challenges that everyday life brings and through her eyes see her veteran's recognition and determination to conquer a condition that threatens to derail their relationship.


"Never Enough Jalapeno" is a collection of memories over the years centered around food and family.  Elizabeth's takes the reader into the past memories of a traditional holiday meal to the labor intensive instruction she received from her eldest daughter on making Christmas tamales.  Readers will recognize their own family kitchen memories,  successes and disasters in these pages. 

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