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What They Don't Tell You About Four-Year Old Boys...Or What I've Forgotten About Four Year O

Angel and I ~ Summer 2019

  • Four-year-old boys say “Good Morning, Grandma” with such conviction and a sweet smile, you see no wrong happening in your day,

  • Four-year-old boys make noise, not little noise, but BIG noise, almost every moment they are awake,

  • Four-year-old boys can whistle “Chill Bill” in perfect pitch that it will haunt your dreams,

  • Four-year-old boys can climb any counter or appliance to get to Captain Crunch cereal,

  • Four-year-old boys are fascinated with every bug they see,

  • Four-year-old boys will pick up and share every bug they see,

  • Four-year-old boys and water are "like this" II,

  • Four-year-old boys move at “Super Cat Speed”…so you best wear running shoes,

  • Four-year-old boys most times forget to raise the toilet seat when they urinate,

  • Four-year-old boys most always leave the tiniest Lego or hard rubber raptor laying where you can’t see it, but most assuredly will step on,

  • Four-year-old boys will tell you “Grandma, you are my best friend” and undo you for life…

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